Mustache Inspiration

Today’s Mustache Monday post comes to you from a fascinating article on Buzzfeed about the World Beard Championships hosted just a couple of weeks ago in Austria.

We hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as we did and even get a little bit of inspiration for your own mustache growth!

The World Beard Championships

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What type of ‘stache are you growing?

Have you decided what you want your ‘stache to look like at the end of the these 6 weeks? If you have participated in year’s past, are you going to try something different? If you have never grown a mustache, are you just anxious to see what happens?

Whatever the case, we are proud to have you growing out your ‘stache in support of Burn Foundation. Here are some options of different ‘staches that you can set your mind too now, and at the end of the 6 weeks see how you measured up:

types of mustaches Which ‘stache are you growing?

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Why we grow our staches?