Guest Post by Christy

Written by Samantha Zepeda. Posted in Blog

Young-Adult-Summit 2013Christy a 17 year old Bay Area burn survivor, who had the following to say about AARBF’s Young Adult Summit program:

“Every year, young adults ages 16-20 come from all parts of California to participate in the Young Adult Summit. This enriching program, aims to educate young adults on subjects they would not normally learn in school. It is not unusual that teens move out of their home not knowing how to cook, manage their budget, or maintenance their car. The Young Adult Summit taught me these skills and many more.

However, these tactical skills were not the only thing that I gained from this weekend trip. It was the emotional talks, the advice from the adults, and the love that was given to me that really made this trip special. Being surrounded by my pseudo-family is my favorite thing about this trip and the others I participate in. Some of these people have been my closest friends for over 10 years and growing up with them and listening to their stories from different walks of life has been the most humbling and inspiring experience. I love my camp family and I appreciate all of the people who have given me the opportunity to meet them.”


Thank you so much for sharing with us, Christy!  It costs approximately $300 to send one young adult on this program- remember to share stories like these with family and friends, so they can help support you in your growing and fundraising efforts!  Stay tuned for Friday’s post where I ask Christy about what she would like each of you to know about the foundation.

Happy Mustache Monday!

Written by Samantha Zepeda. Posted in Blog

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for another week of Mustache growing!  Or for us ladies, another week of growing our gorgeous leg hair!  Either way, just remember that it is for a wonderful cause. Don’t forget to continue to share your fundraising pages with family, friends and co-workers to get them to support you in your growing efforts.

Here is a little tidbit for our Mustache Monday:

“Legend has it that mustaches on firefighters of the mid 1800s were more than just a common hair style – they were a personal protective device! Firemen were reported to wet their mustaches, curl up their lower lip, and breath air through the impromptu filter system. Unfortunately there is no recorded evidence of exactly how well this practice worked.”

Happy Growing, Everyone!