Happy Mustache Monday!

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I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for another week of Mustache growing!  Or for us ladies, another week of growing our gorgeous leg hair!  Either way, just remember that it is for a wonderful cause. Don’t forget to continue to share your fundraising pages with family, friends and co-workers to get them to support you in your growing efforts.

Here is a little tidbit for our Mustache Monday:

“Legend has it that mustaches on firefighters of the mid 1800s were more than just a common hair style – they were a personal protective device! Firemen were reported to wet their mustaches, curl up their lower lip, and breath air through the impromptu filter system. Unfortunately there is no recorded evidence of exactly how well this practice worked.”

Happy Growing, Everyone!

Source: http://www.firemuseumnetwork.org/misc/through_the_smoke.html

Grower Profile: Mike “Otter” Gonzalez

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When did you first become involved with AARBF?

I first became involved in 1989 when South San Francisco Firefighters started fundraising for AARBF and 1997 was my first year as a Champ Camp Counselor.Otter Week 2

How long have you been participating in GYS?

I have participated every year and have been part of the Red Feather Society for the past 3 years!  I am thankful to have already surpassed $750 this year too!

What would you like people to know about AARBF?

I would like them to know that it is a family style organization that really does change the lives of people that otherwise could have a low self-esteem – it gives them the ability to feel good.

Any words for your fellow Grower’s?

If you are not on a team, create a team!  As with everything else in life, it is easier to do things as a member of a team of people. Create a team and double, triple or quadruple your efforts!

Also, I appreciate all of the Growers and donors that make this possible.  It is easy for those of us that get to see the smiling faces of young children and the successful young adults that used to be our campers, but those that don’t get to actually see the dollars at work do it on faith that it does make a difference.  That is HUGE!