The Most Notorious Stache in the SFFD

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We are five days away from the end of 2013′s GYS fundraiser and not only have we raised more money than last year, but we have more Red Feather Society members as well!! Such a huge accomplishment is motivation to keep pushing hard this last week and try to put our total over $100k!

Grow Your Stache has given us a chance to revisit the long standing relationship between firefighters and their mos. I am fortunate enough to work for the San Francisco Fire Department and around the kitchen table there is one smoke filter that has notoriety above all the rest. The silver beauty would be classified by the American Mustache Institute as a “Walrus” style mustache, but we simply know it as “The Goose.” Division 3 chief Tom Siragusa has been with the SFFD for 30 years, but his relationship with his best friend stems back to his high school days. Shaving only to be within dress code to play sports, a young Tom has been preparing his lip for follicle glory since puberty. After graduation nothing came between Tom and his mo. The heat of countless fires have never singed Tom’s bristle baton, but the smell of smoke lingers days after. According to The Goose himself, the only down side to having a mustache is when it catches food while he eats. About ten years ago Tom shaved his stache and once it grew back he promised his mo that they would never be apart again. A tip of the hat to Chief Tom Siragusa and his commitment to facial follicle glory.


Mustache Crews

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Greetings GYS community! We are only $1k away from breaking last years GYS totals, great work! Presently we have 32 Red Feather Society members, 3 growers within $100, and 6 growers within $200. Any grower in the Red Feather Society please send an email to to let him know which finale you would like to attend and he will make sure your ticket is taken care of. Tickets for each finale are available by clicking on the these links: Clovis, Oakland, San Francisco. Lets not forget our remaining Sacrificial Stache Joe McCarthy of Berkley Fire, click on his name to be transferred to his donation page and help him reach his goal of $100.

A while back we asked for entire crews with mustaches and you have delivered. These are the men of Fresno and Selma fire departments proudly displaying their smoke filters. Keep growing and we’ll see you at the finale!!


Everybody Loves a Meme

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Good evening GYS community! We are about 12 days away from from the end of our fundraiser and we are starting to pick up speed again. Hats off to all of our growers and donors out there for their hard work and dedication to the cause. This week for Fantachetic Friday I am looking for help making a meme. If you think you have a funny, semi funny, or even mildly suggestive caption for this photo please leave a comment below. We will review them all friday and take the winning comment and make the meme. We look forward to reading everyone’s creative ideas. Keep those mos held high and grow on!